Thijs De Block on set for In de Naam van de Kater / In God We Trash

Hi there! I'm Thijs, a filmmaker with a love for storytelling, coffee, and the absurd.

After graduating from Ritcs School of Arts Brussels in 2014, I've been involved in various film projects, both personal and commissioned. What sets my work apart is an affinity for the unexpected - seeking those relatable yet inexplicable moments in life. I aim to challenge viewers' perspectives, adding a touch of absurdity whether in TV programs or advertising.

Exciting new projects are underway, soon to be unveiled. Feel free to reach out for proposals or a casual coffee chat. I'm always eager for meaningful conversations over a cup of coffee - or even a decaf espresso if you're feeling adventurous!


2009 - 2014

Ritcs School Of Arts

Masters Degree

2008 - 2009

Sint Lukas Kunsthumaniora Brussels




Hoe Zal Ik Het Zeggen - Season 3

2017 – 2018


De Ideale Wereld


Al Mas (Band)

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Behind the scenes photograph of shoot for Ketnet & Kom Op Tegen Kanker - Superheld
Picture of Thijs De Block

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